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About us

KITEWORLDSHOP.COM is the ultimate online store for enthusiasts of any board sport who want only the best for their passion.

A booming catalogue that includes: Kitesurf, Kiteboards, Surfboards, SUP, Wetsuits, Clothing and original Accessories from the best brands at the best price, always available 24/7 365 days a year.

Great offer, ease of purchase, transaction security, best price guarantee, return policy extended to 30 days, fast shipping and a Customer Service always there to satisfy any of your queries as well as help you make your choice. All of that makes KITEWORLDSHOP.COM your perfect companion for your secure online orders.


Our team

The team of KITEWORLDSHOP.COM shares the passion for the sea and for board sports and this allows us to offer the best possible support to our customers, as we have the same needs and choose and use firsthand all the products we offer in our Store; that is the only way we can be sure of doing our best in our job.

Our Philosophy

  • We live our job, our activity, sport and its related lifestyle to the fullest.
  • Our customers always come first.
  • Professionalism, integrity and reliability are our leitmotif.
  • We choose all our products as if they were meant for us.
  • We constantly innovate our approach in order to be always on top.
  • We believe that sports can change people's lives for the better.


Our history

KITEWORLDSHOP.COM was founded in 2015 by Federico Sugoni, manager and entrepreneur with extensive experience in retail (he managed over 350 million Euros of annual turnover) and with an unbridled passion for Kitesurfing.
After working for the group Media-Saturn Holding GmbH for 15 years, first as Area Sales Director and later as E-commerce Director for Mediamarket Spa (the Italian branch of the group) with the brands Mediaworld and Saturn, he started its activities as entrepreneur by starting up several innovative companies including Kitesoul Magazine, a leading world magazine dedicated to Kitesurfing and KITEWORLSHOP.COM.

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Customer Service

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We constantly strive to improve our webshop, so we welcome any views or ideas from you, the users. Please send us your feedback about our shop to or use the contact form.

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Via Lega Lombarda 10

24040 – Bonate Sopra (BG)


Headquarters: Bonate Sopra (BG)

Legal form: Srl

Executive Director: Federico Sugoni

Commercial Court of Registration: Bergamo

Commercial Register No.: BG-425041

VAT No.: IT 03980160166

Media Owner and Publisher: Federico Sugoni

Customer Service:

Tel: +39 02 400 30 467



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The compilation of all content on this site is the exclusive property of Kiteworldshop and protected by international copyright laws.


1 Content

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4 Privacy policy

If the opportunity for the input of personal or business data (email addresses, name, addresses) is given, the input of these data takes place voluntarily. The use and payment of all offered services are permitted - if and so far technically possible and reasonable - without specification of any personal data or under specification of anonymized data or an alias.

5 Legal validity of this disclaimer

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The time required for delivery can depend on the availability of our products, the delivery option you chose and the country that is being delivered to.

GENERALLY: Delivery time = ready for shipment + shipment

Example: When you see “Ready for shipment: 4-5 workdays” and have an actual shipping time of e.g. 1-2 workdays, the total delivery time will add up to five to maximally seven workdays.This is also the case for express deliveries!


This is the time span that it will likely take until the product can be given to the delivery service. This time span differs between the individual products and will always be shown on the individual products’ page:

delivery times

Example: "Ready for shipment: 24 hours“ means that a product will be ready to be picked up by the delivery service in roughly 24 hours. Only then it will be sent!

Please note: e.g. "Ready for shipment: 5-7 workdays" means that it will take five to seven workdays before the delivery service can pick up the packet from us. This is always the case when we do not have certain products in storage and therefore must order them from the producer first. We can only send the product to you once we have received it.


This is the time the delivery service needs to bring the packet to you. How long it takes depends on the delivery service and the country of destination. You can find out more about delivery options here

Standard delivery: 2-4 working days
Express delivery: 1-2 working days

Working days are considered from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday are not working days.

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Credit Cards
We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Diners and American Express.

Choose the payment option "credit card" during the ordering process. After verifying the order you will be lead to a page where you can enter your credit card details. We suggest that you have your card details (card company, name of the card owner, card number, date of validity and the safety code) on hand. As soon as you have fully entered this data, your order will continue being processed.

The sum of the order will only be reserved on your credit card first, and therefore it will not be withdrawn right away. Your credit card will only be charged once your items are sent. In case the order fails in any way, your credit card will not be charged.

100% Safe Payments
Your safety is our highest priority, and that is why we use great caution and the highest safety standards while dealing with your personal data. For safe transferring of customer data during the ordering process and especially credit card details, we use a secure transfer method – the “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) connection.

Safety Control
In some cases, we might implement a credit card check for safety. You will be informed by e-mail about this. In these cases we simply require a copy of the front and back side of your credit card (so that the number and card owners’ name are legible) as well as a copy of a current ID (Official ID, Passport or drivers license). You can send us the copies by mail or fax.
This process only needs to be carried out in rare cases, and is implemented for your safety, to make sure that no one else tries to shop with your credit card!

Mastercard Secure Code / Verified by VISA
This is a safety code activation by your credit card provider.
Here you can find all information about activating the code during payment, or how you can skip this step.


If you choose “Prepayment” for your order, you can transfer the the total of the order to our bank account. As soon as we have received the transfer, your order will continue processing.

While ordering, choose “Prepayment”. After you have confirmed the order, you will be sent further information regarding the payment by mail.
Next, simply transfer the sum of your order to our bank account. Please make sure the payment involves “no charge to the recipient”.
We suggest noting your order number and the name you ordered with on the bank transfer (e.g. Jon Doe order YUXWO), to ensure the payment is recognized promptly.
As soon as the transfer has reached our account, we can continue carrying out your order. Please note that due to various factors, in some cases it might take up to 4-5 workdays before we receive your payment.

Our bank details:

Payee: VISU Srl – Via Cavour 20 -24030 Ambivere (BG), Italy

Bank: Banca Popolare di Milano – Agency 00409 – Piazza V. Emanuele, 8 – 24040 Bonate Sopra

IBAN: IT79B0503453891000000024593



PayPal is an online payment service with which you can transfer money easily, safely and fast. All you need is a PayPal account, which works like an online bank account. Registering for PayPal is free! You simply need to save your account data once, and can then safely shop in any participating online shop without having to re-enter your account details every time.

If you would like to pay with PayPal, choose the payment option “PayPal” during an order. After confirming the order you will promptly be lead through the payment process without having to enter any further information. As soon as you have successfully completed this process, your order will continue to be processed.

If you have not completed the payment while creating your online order, you can do this any time afterwards. To do this, go to “My Account”, then "Orders" and then click on “Not yet paid – Pay now”. Your order will be processed as soon as you have completed the payment.

Paying with PayPal is also possible by telephone or e-mail. You will then be sent a link through which you can carry out the payment via PayPal.

Cash on delivery
Not available

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9,90 € - Free Shipping on orders over 59,99€!


2-4 workdays


There will be up to two attempts made to deliver the parcel to your address. If no one is present to receive the delivery, it will be stored in the nearest postal office ready to be picked up within the next 7 workdays.


You can track the whereabouts of your parcel at any time with tracking. You’ll receive the Track ID or parcel number and the appropriate link via email. You can also find it under “My Account” with the corresponding order.

*Time that the delivery service takes to deliver.


To guarantee a smooth delivery, we suggest the following:

·    Use a delivery address where someone will be present to accept the delivery. For example, you could give us the address of your workplace or a neighbors’ home. If you’d like to change your delivery address in hindsight, please contact our customer service.
·    You should make sure the delivery service has your telephone number, so that they can contact you if there’s a problem with the delivery, or they cannot find your address.
·    Make use of packet-tracking. By doing so you’ll have a clear idea when your packet will be delivered, and you’ll be informed about any problems along the way (e.g. if no one was home or the address was not found). Then you can directly contact the delivery service.

Please make sure that your name is clearly visible on your house door to help the packaging service find your address!
If no one is present at the point of delivery, the packaging service will undertake 1-2 more attempts.


You can follow the path of your packet at any time with packet tracking. You’ll be sent the package number and link you need for this by email on the day it is first sent. However, you can also find it under my account with the appropriate order.
The package number or tracking code also give you the possibility to directly contact the delivery service in terms of your specific order.

If you have further questions, please contact our Customer Support.


When you receive the shipment we ask you to verify that the packages are in perfect conditions and without any sign of damage or tampering before accepting them.

We also ask you to sign the delivery receipt with "content verification reserve".

If the packages appeared damaged or tampered with, we ask you to reject the shipment and report the problem to our customer service within 24h.

After receiving the shipment we ask you to inspect the goods to verify their integrity and to immediately report any damage or visible defects.

We will accept only reports for damaged or defective goods that will arrive within and not later than 24 hours after the delivery date.


In the event that these indications are not respected, we do not guarantee any coverage from possible damages or visible defects.

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You have a 30 day right to return period on all orders!


If you don’t like what you got, you can undo the entire order within that period. The cancellation does not require any stated reason or mandatory form, so it can be made in oral or text form (e.g. by an email, mail).

Item returns can be made only if the products are in the same conditions in which they were received, packaged and with all their labels intact. They will not accept products extracted from their packaging, which have been removed labels and tags, showing even small signs of wear / usage.

To proceed with the shipment you will need to wait for our return authorization and its RMS number.

You’ll have to pay the delivery on your own. You can then choose which company to deliver with yourself. We suggest that you compare the prices of different services (Post, Hermes etc.)


Please pack the goods in suitable packaging

Send the package to the return address:

VISU S.r.l. –

Via Lega Lombarda 10

First floor – Piano primo

24040 Bonate Sopra (BG)


We will only assume responsibility of the package when it has arrived at our warehouse. You will be informed by Email as soon as we have received it.


Refund of entire product value in EUR (Only for request return made within 14 days from the purchase date)
Trade-in for other products
Receive in-store credit for your next purchase (12 months validity)

Please note down your preferred choice simply contacting our Customer Service.

Every refound will be made through the same payment method of the order.

Justified returns due to mistakes on our side will instantly be exchanged or refunded.
Returns that apply to the products’ producer (e.g. product flaws) will be sent directly to the appropriate producer. As soon as we hear from them, we will let you know whether the return was accepted as justified and you can choose between a replacement or Kiteworldshop store credit.

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Providing top-quality products at great prices is our highest priority. To show you that we really mean it, we offer the Kiteworldshop best price guarantee:

If you found another company that is selling products we offer for less than us, before ordering it from us. simply send us an e-mail with a link to the offer. Once we’ve checked out this offer and everything is okay, you can buy that product from us for the cheaper price.

The only condition for the best price guarantee is that the seller’s headquarters are within the EU and they also have in stock the exact size, color and model you wish to order.


·    The best price guarantee does not apply to private sales, auction platforms, bankruptcy sales, or other non-ordinary sources.
·    The best price guarantee is valid for shops within the EU whose local currency is the Euro and who ships within other EU countries.
·    Promotional vouchers are not accepted with the Best Price Guarantee
·    The price we compare with consists of the price of the item plus the shipping costs of the cheaper (web) shop.

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A customer account has many useful advantages:


  • A faster and more comfortable ordering process
  • Your personal data is auto-filled at every order
  • You can change your personal data at any time
  • Easy administration of your delivery and billing addresses
  • A clear online overview of all of your orders
  • Save your favourite items
  • You can manage merchandise returns
  • And much more!




  • My Account Page: It is very easy to navigate to all customer account features from this page.
  • Order history and details: This page shows you your complete order history at Kiteworldshop. This helps you keep a clear overview of your orders. It also shows the status and notices regarding current, still open orders. Here you can download invoices.
  • My merchandise returns: Here you can request and manage merchandise returns.
  • My credit slips: Here you can find and download all your credit slips.
  • My Addresses: You have the opportunity to save several addresses in your account. During the ordering process, you can make an simple selection indicating the address you wish to use.
  • My personal informations: On this page, you will find a quick summary of all of your data and settings.
  • My Vouchers: This section gives you an overview of your account balance at Kiteworldshop. Your balance is made up of credit from returns or vouchers. You can use it for new orders.

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It’s quite easy to redeem vouchers:


Enter the voucher-code that is on your voucher or in your email during step Nr. 1 of the ordering process. Please take note of capitalization within the code, as it is case-sensitive. If you make any mistake while entering the code, it won’t be accepted!

Click “OK” and you’ll instantly receive a notification about whether or not it has been accepted.

The value of your voucher will be deducted from the price of your order, which you can see for yourself in step Nr. 1.

If you redeem a gift-voucher (a voucher that has been bought), and the price of your order is lower than the vouchers’ value, the rest of the vouchers’ value will be credited to your user account. You can use this credit for further orders!


Please note: Only one voucher per order can be used!


If you’re unsure about anything, or for some reason your voucher does not work, please contact our Customer Service.




Gift-Vouchers (vouchers that have been bought) will be reimbursed following a return. Depending on the value of your returned product, all or some of the voucher’s value will be credited to your customer account.


Campaign-vouchers/Promo-Codes are divided between all products within an order percentage-wise. That means if you have ordered two T-Shirts worth € 25 each, and you have used a voucher worth € 10, Each T-shirts’ price will be reduced by half of the vouchers’ value (meaning each T-shirt is now worth € 20). Therefore, you will only be refunded the actual price paid (in this case € 20 per T-shirt).

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Kiteworldshop is your on line safest buyng place. Your personal data are treated confidentially and are encrypted via SSL. We respect the high standards of our certifications in the protection of consumer data, payments and guarantees on shipping.

We give you the best price guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can simply return your product.

Kiteworldshop’s Guarantees

·    Best price guarantee
·    30 Day Return
·    SSL Encryption
·    Data Privacy

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Customer advice

If you have any further questions, require assistance or you would like to receive an individual consultancy, please contact our customer service.
Our team consists of passionate kiteboarders and surfers who have the know-how and personal experience to give you quality advice and help you choose the right products

Our telephone support is always available in Italian and English.

Here’s how to contact us:


Our email support is available in English and Italian.

Send us an email to or use the contact form.


+39 02 400 30 467

Monday - Saturday: 8 AM - 8 PM
Sonntag: Close

Postal address:


Via Lega Lombarda 10

24040 – Bonate Sopra (BG)


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