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RRD Beluga LTE 90L + 1700 foil + Evo wing y26 complete wing package


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New RRD Beluga LTE 90L + 1700 foil + Evo wing y26 complete wing package

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Package Includes:

  • RRD Beluga LTE Y26 2021 wing foilboard 165 cm x 90 L (with 3 x footstraps)
  • RRD Evo Wing Y26 (with bag) - choose size
  • RRD Dynamic ALU SW 1700 Y26 2021 Foil (with covers)
  • RRD Waist leash M
  • RRD WK pump


RRD Beluga LTE Y26 2021 wing foilboard

You'll use your foil to create your motion, ride, carve and jump in a feeling of pure freedom. The Beluga is fun to ride both in flatwater and in waves, it simply does the job whatever the conditions throw at you!

  • Carry handle on the bottom for easy entry into the water.
  • Special deck concave shape for a comfortable and performing ride.
  • Tail kicker to start foiling earlier and bevelled rails.
  • Deep double concave bottom for smooth touch downs.
  • Multiple straps position (double or single front straps) to chose your preferred set up.
  • Specific reinforced foil box with 2 US slots to resist any stress.


RRD Evo Wing Y26

A magical freeride / freestyle wing for all levels from novice to expert. Our World Cup riders appreciate it for its incredible maneuverability, stable power, speed, acceleration and precision. Novice riders will get addicted instantly for its incredible accessibility and lightness. The Evo Wing is completely functional and purposefully designed to provide you with an overall experience. 2 color combinations, orange and grey and specific sizes to cover more various needs and suit any conditions.

  • Innovative leading edge outline to enhance handling and ride faster
  • 3 long handles easy to grab in maneuvers
  • Extra fun for all levels of riding
  • Double Inflating / deflating system: 2 times quicker to inflate/deflate and optimal stiffness of the whole body by separating the leading edge and strut.
  • Arrow head outline: enhanced handling and stability.
  • Wide Windows: wide visibility.
  • New light safety leash with neoprene wrist band.
  • Delivered in a comfortable and user friendly cylindrical backpack.


RRD Dynamic ALU SW 1700 Y26 2021 Foil

This foil consolidates everything we were looking for: early lift, speed and ease of use. It is ideal for wingfoiling, sup/surf and downwinders.

We have worked on all components to obtain a product that provides outstanding efficiency, glide and reliability. You get a new 30% stiffer and lighter Universal Alu 85 mast with new profile and an integrated plate. A lighter fuselage with a large head withstands the pressure given by the wings during transitions and jumps. The new high aspect / full carbon Dynamic front wing is able to match performance and accessibility for truly all levels of riders. There is no disguising on this foil set.

Our new super light wind machine has been designed to achieve efficiency and glide in extremely marginal conditions. When used for wingfoiling it expands to a new light wind dimension. It takes off in a little gust and once you are flying you will appreciate its flow and glide in literally no wind. For Sup and downwinders it is a playful game due to its lift and smooth ride to continue the flight with ease for a more prolonged ride.

  • 85cm Universal ALU mast w/Plate with EVA cover
  • 1700 cm Dynamic carbon front wing with EVA cover (98 cm span)
  • 373 Universal rear wing with EVA cover (52 cm span)
  • Universal fuselage 76 cm cm with EVA cover
  • M8 Torx screws and key set



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