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RRD Maquina UC Y26 2021 surfboard


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RRD Maquina UC Y26 2021 surfboard

The Maquina is our classic thruster and it is the one you want to be riding when you need to have a totally reliable shape.

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With such a pure surfboard feel, this board becomes an extension of your body and allows your eyes to draw lines on the waves.

Charge the biggest swells with this grippy stick while maintaining precise control over the direction of the board in any situation. Get powered up and be ready to ride fast down that huge wall of water!


  • Redesigned outline with a slightly wider nose allowing the Maquina a wider range of use.
  • Soft winger design to increase planing and control at high speeds.
  • Thin rails from nose to tail
  • Super thin profile throughout
  • Deep concave throughout the entire board with a flat, kicked tail, released by a progressive rocker
  • Strictly thruster fin setup for pure, essential, radical turns in any wave size
  • Narrowest board of the program
  • Never lets you down when the conditions are pumping
  • Radical turns on any waves size

Squash tail:

If you want a board that’s responsive, go for the squash tail because this will allow for quick release, letting you turn easier, and have some looseness to your ride. This shape gives your tail more width, and hence more surface area.
Once again, the wider surface area of the tail means you get more lift, and it is much easier to maintain a speed and also plane.

UC technology:

Maximizing lightweight does not only mean making a light board, but making a light board that lasts.

This is what we accomplished with the new UC construction.The EPS core is re-known for lighter weight/strength ratio and memory compared to PU foam but it has one big limit, it absorbs water in case of a hole or a crack through the laminate.

Fortunately, we have put together the best of the both worlds. In order to accomplish this feat, we have cut a 4 cms wide slice that runs throughout the entire outline of the board and have replaced the EPS external outline with 2 x PU outline slices that are glued to the EPS core. By adhering the PU to the EPS, we have created a 4 cms wide "waterproof" band that covers the entire rail, nose, and tail areas, keeping them totally waterproof in case of a crack through the laminate.

The EPS core covers 80% of the board and creates a lively and buoyant center while the PU foam slices on the rails cover about 20% of the total foam volume. The PU rail slices combined with the deck and bottom carbon stringers laminated over the EPS core create a fantastic and unique pop and flex feel.


5'7" x 17 3/4" x 1 7/8" / 20 L
5'9" x 18" x 2" / 22 L
5'11" x 18 1/4" x 2 1/8" / 24 L

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