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Fanatic Diamond Carbon 35 6.75" Adj. 2Pcs Paddle 2023

Fanatic Fanatic


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Fanatic Diamond 35 Adj. Paddle 2020

The perfect match for our ladies SUPs Diamond, Diamond Touring and our Diamond Air models.

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Adjustable to your size and style, this is the super effective yet most stylish paddle to cruise around. Built with our small 6.75” durable carbon composite blade with white ABS rail protection and a 35% Carbon shaft covered in matching graphics to our Diamond boards. Available in adjustable or 3-piece version.


  • ANTI TWIST SYSTEM: Our new Anti Twist System, with its channel on the extension and a matching cleat system, puts an end to using additional forces whilst locking your adjustable system. It ensures that the handle and blade are always lined up correctly. Paddle with confidence – your shaft and handle won’t move! Our adjustable models are now all equipped with Anti Twist System.
  • Our 6.75": For those paddling with a higher frequency, we offer the next step from our favoured 7.25” blade. Slight double concaves cater for a super controlled stroke with better traction and ultimately a higher efficiency. The extra powers these concaves create allow for this small blade size with better aerodynamics between the strokes and reduced swing weight compared to larger blades. The 6.75” blade is available with our performance models C100 / C80 and our Diamond ladies paddle.

Technische Daten

Länge cm170-220 cm
Blattbreite6.75"/ 17,1 cm
Blattfläche86 in2/555 cm2



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