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Fanatic Bamboo Carbon 50 3pcs Paddle 2022

Fanatic Fanatic


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Fanatic Bamboo Carbon 50 3pcs Paddle 2020

Style and performance are combined in the Bamboo Carbon 50.

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A 50% Carbon core covered in precious Bamboo finish leaves a great visual impact for this entry performance paddle. Benefiting from the Union Joint system, this is an outstanding construction for those starting to gain skill on a SUP.

The twist and flex in the blade are superbly controlled through its’ design and is available with a 7.25” blade with fixed or adjustable shaft and in our handy adjustable 3-piece version.


  • ANTI TWIST SYSTEM: Our new Anti Twist System, with its channel on the extension and a matching cleat system, puts an end to using additional forces whilst locking your adjustable system. It ensures that the handle and blade are always lined up correctly. Paddle with confidence – your shaft and handle won’t move! Our adjustable models are now all equipped with Anti Twist System.

Ficha técnica

Longitud cm170-220 cm
Anchura de la pala7.25"/ 18,4 cm
Superficie de la pala90 in2/580 cm2
Material de la palaBamboo/Glass
Material de la pértigaCarbon/Bamboo



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