Cabrinha Fusion Hybrid Base Foil Kit STD 90cm

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Cabrinha Fusion Hybrid Mast and Fuselage STD 90cm

The all new Fusion ecosystem sets a new benchmark in Cabrinha's foil design & manufacturing capabilities. Performance & function is at the heart of the design process.

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Rear wing:

Hydrofoil set de alas (anadir uno)


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Each Individual part has been redesigned on both component and connection level with an option to interchange any part in the system. This effortlessly simple system puts complete customization in your hands and the new X:Series Wing options will open the door to progression on whatever craft you choose to use them with. We proudly invite you to build your dream ride...

The Fusion Hybrid is an efficient blend of premium components that result an incredibly rigid & hydrodynamic structure. It seamlessly integrates into all 9cm industry standard foil boxes

The redesigned fuselage connection platform allows the mast to tightly lock into place to withstand the vertical and horizontal forces involved in all foil disciplines.

Desing profile:

Durability, longevity and unmatched stiffness in an alloy setup.

Features (Mast):

  • Fixed top plate with m8 slots for easy mounting
  • 3-screw connection for superior rigidity
  • Aircraft grade extruded, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Precision tapered fuse-to-mast connection for optimal rigidity
  • Helicoil inserts minimizes corrosion and provides long lasting durability
  • Water tight hollow design for optimal strength to weight ratio

Features (Fuselage):

  • Precision CNC machined aircraft grade, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Helicoil inserts minimizes corrosion and provides long lasting durability
  • Interchangeable rear fuselage for optimal performance and easy travel
  • Sold with 343mm fuselage for superior maneuverability
  • Sold as accessory:  416mm fuselage for a perfect balance of stability and ease of use
  • Recessed stabilizer mounting surface for minimal drag

Package includes:

  • 90cm Mast
  • Rear fuselage
  • Travel bag
  • 8pcs m6 ss316 torx ti coated screws
  • Torx tool

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